Once Time release 1.2.4

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Changes in 1.2.4:

  • Fix for problem where your local business name was copied into the appointment business name when sending an appointment to Once Mobile.  This caused the google maps to create a route to your business instead of the customer.

Download and Installer Links

Once Time for Windows

If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.

If you are running a 32Bit PC, install this version: 32bit Windows Version 

Once Time for Mac

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.

Android (Google Play)

Apple iOS

Previous Releases:

Changes in 1.2.3:   

  • You can disable the email address validation when emailing an appointment confirmation. This allows you to force sending an email if the address is incorrectly rejected by the email validation system.
  • The maximum days to keep appointments has been increased to 120 days.
    Please contact Once Support if you need this value to be increased.
    Note that the synchronisation may become very slow if you have a large number of past appointments.
  • The maximum history logs size has been increased so you can view and recover appointment changes from a larger time range.
  • You can include a phone number for each staff member and include this in your appointment email templates.

Sending SMS (text) messages from Once Time Click here for instructions.

The customer reviews service for Window Furnishing retailers.