Sending SMS messages from Once Time using an Email to SMS service.

There are numerous companies that convert emails to SMS messages. 

In Once Time, you just need to use the customer mobile number as part of a special email address provided by the Email to SMS service. usually:

Here are a few companies that offer this service.

The following steps show how to use Text Magic. It will be similar for other services.

  1. Sign up to TextMagic (there is a free trial)

  2. Try their EMAIL to SMS service using your company email so you can see how it works.

  3. Add the following email to the "allowed emails" of the TextMagic Email to SMS service.

    Where "company-name" is replaced by your company name that you setup in Once Time, Settings:
    e.g. in the following example it would be

    If you are using Once Track then the SMS service and the SMS Sending email are included on the Edit Company dialog opened from the Add/Edit company button of the Calendar Settings.

    If using Once Time 1.2.4, these fields do not appear so you need to replace any spaces in your company name by '-' (hyphen) characters to create the email. This is the email used as the sending email for email sent from Once Time, so it needs to be known to TextMagic.

  4. In the TextMagic settings for the allowed email, uncheck "Send replies back to this email" (as they won't go anywhere). You will need to use the Text Magic History to see replies.

  5.  If using Once Time 1.2.4, when creating an appointment, instead of the customer's email enter:  (with the country code at the start, for the UK it is 44)

    Using Once Track, you do not need to do this as the SMS option will create the correct email.

  6. You may want to add additional Once Time Appointment Types with content more suitable for text messages. 

  7. If using TextMagic you should add a cut-off phrase to the end of the message (see their documentation).  This prevents duplicated text as the Once Time email contains both plain text and HTML versions of the content and both these are included unless you add a cut-off phrase.