Once Track

Coming Soon! 

A simple to use Order Tracking, Management and Calendar system.

Currently available to test users. The first version will be released early in 2022.

  • At-a-glance overview of your quotes and orders, and where they are in your workflow.

  • Simple to setup and use.
    It takes just a few minutes to be up and running and you can easily configure it to match your business workflow.

  • Instant update of the status of each order when sent from Once Mobile, or you can manually enter and edit orders.

  • Automatic due dates, with a clear display of due and overdue orders.

  • Output reports of your orders, appointments and sales for use in spreadsheets or accounting systems.

  • Staff calendar with all the features of Once Time.  
  • Single click appointment confirmation emails or SMS.
  • Map view of appointments for each day
  • Distance between appointments and to the nearest future appointment for efficient route planning.
  • Single click opening of Google maps and customer phone/SMS calls

  • Open supplier order portals direct from the app, or copy the parts data for a supplier order email.

  • An archive of all orders that can cover many years.

  • Rapid searching of active and archived jobs.

  • CRM-like features for information on each order.

Contact us to learn more or to join the test program.

Welcome to Once Time

(To view this page in a full web browser click the  button at the top right of this window. This is required for links that open a new window or for downloads.)

Once Time - the Smart Calendar

  1. Sell before you arrive
    Links to product information in the confirmation emails helps customers make their choices before your sales visit.
    It also means they are less likely to search the internet finding competitors, online suppliers or products you don't supply.
  2. Send Emails or SMS (text) messages
    You can also sent SMS messages to customers. See Sending SMS (text) messages from Once Time
  3. Connect your staff
    To enable your staff to manage and see just their own calendar, press the Staff Access button on the Edit staff screen under Settings. An access code is created and emailed to the staff member.  This is entered when they first run Once Time to connect them to your account. 
  4. Holidays and other days off
    You can set staff holidays and other booked days from Settings, Holidays and Availability..
    Select All for public holidays or days that apply to all staff.
  5. Google Map Routes
    In the daily schedule emailed to your staff, there is a link in each appointment named map location. 
    If you click on this link it will open Google Maps at the location and plot a route. It works best if you have the Google maps app installed on the device.
  6. Links to the customer phone number
    In the daily schedule emailed to your staff, the customer phone number appears as a link. On most mobile phones tapping on this link will give the option to dial or text the number.
  7. Customise the appointment email text or colours
    On the Settings page, click the Add/Edit button for the appointment types. You can then edit the default text for each appointment type or add new appointment types. You can also set the appointment colour from this dialog.
  8. Changing your Once Time Settings
    The first device where you install Once Time becomes a Controller where you can edit your settings.  To allow another device to become a controller click on the  Controller?  Enable button. This will request your Once Time password.  We recommend that only one device is the controller, click on the Disable button to stop a device from being a Controller.
  9. Sync between devices
    Devices on the same account will automatically syncronize the calendar with the cloud.
  10. History of changes and restore from history
    From the top right menu, selecting History... displays a list of changes made to appointments. The first column shows when the change was made and the type of change (click the ? button to show the change codes). The second and third columns are a summary of the appointment and the notes. You can search for any text in the appointment and restore selected appointments.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and bug reports. You can send these to support@onceconnected.co.uk or via this link: Submit a ticket.

Once Mobile - replace your paper order forms and price lists.

If you are not yet using Once mobile then click here to visit our website and start an unlimited free trial of Once Mobile or email us at support@onceconnected.co.uk

OnceTime will send appointments directly to Once Mobile users complete with all the customer data.

Once Time Downloads
If you are viewing this page in Once Time, You must open the page in a web browser using the  button to download from these links.

Once Time for Windows

If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.

Once Time for Mac

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.


Android (Google Play)

Apple iOS

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