Reducing the risk of Once emails being classified as spam

Since Once Release 2.1 the From email address defaults to an email that reduces the risk of emails going into spam. You also have the option to change the Reply-To address or to set your own From address.

The From address

Prior to Once 2.1 the From address in emails was the "email to receive orders to your business".  This caused 2 problems:

  1. You may want to use a different email when customers reply to your quote or order.
  2. It increased the risk of email being classified as spam as the From address was not in the same domain as the Once email system that actually sent the email.  

To solve the first problem you can now specify a Reply-To email address that will be used when a customers replies to a Once quote or confirmed order email.If you don't enter a value then the Reply-To email will be your "email to receive orders" (see What settings can I customise?)

To reduce the risk of emails being marked as spam, Once now creates a From email address that is in the same domain as the Once system used to send the emails. This created email is based on your business name so for instance a business called Once Blinds will have a From email of  Although this email does not exist, any replies will now be sent to the Reply-To address. You can choose to enter your own From address, such as your email for receiving orders, which will mean the email addressing will be the same as before the 2.1 releases.

The Reply-To address

The Reply-To address is used when replying to an email instead of using the From address. If you do not set this then the email for receiving orders is used.