This article tells you a bit more about how to get the most out of the Once Mobile v2.0 feature of passing orders/quotes between your users devices.

When you start a quote, at any point you can pass this to any of the other users linked to your Once subscription.  Here is an example of a time you might use this:

A customer calls into your showroom to request a visit from a surveyor to measure their windows.  They are interested in Roller and Venetian blinds.  On your shop computer, you start a quote in Once Mobile - entering the customer's name, address, email and phone number, as well as booking a survey appointment time and making notes on the job that they are interested in Rollers and Venetians. When you're finished, you can choose to pass this initial quote information to the surveyor who will be carrying out the visit.

At the time of the appointment, the surveyor can fill in the rest of the information for the job on the Survey screen. At the end of the visit, they can choose to send the quote or order to the customer (which also emails the details to your business) or to pass the order to another user if it isn't finished.  This could be back to the shop if the customer wishes to call in later with their choice of fabric for example.

What about quotes/orders that my surveyor has sent to the customer, can I open those on my shop computer?

Yes. When a quote/order is completed and emailed to the customer, you will also have a copy of that quote/order emailed to your business, along with the Once Worksheet.  That email also contains an attached .once file.  If you double click this file on a Windows PC that has Once Mobile installed or drag and drop the file onto Once Mobile running on Mac or Windows, this will open up that quote/order within Once.  This can be done immediately or many months after the order/quote was sent.

The Digital Order Pad and Digital Filing Cabinet

You can think of Once Mobile like a digital version of an order pad.  One person can start an order, and pass that order to whoever they want until it is finally ready to be handed to the customer.  At this point, the order is filed away in a filing cabinet - the digital version of this is your email system. 

Rather than rifling through paper in an actual filing cabinet, by storing all orders and quotes issued to customers in an email folder, you can easily search on things like customer name or address to quickly find the quote/order (even months later).

Making best use of your email "Filing System"

Once uses your email as a filing system for your quotes and orders given to customers. This gives many great features:

  • Everyone uses email so it's a familiar system.
  • No requirement for any hardware, databases or web servers.
  • Unlimited, secure and fully searchable storage.
  • Anyone with login permissions can see the orders from any device.
  • You can use email folders and rules to manage your orders.
  • It free! - or only a small cost for commercial email.