If you have more than 1 user in your Once subscription, you can pass quotes/orders between users.


A customer calls your shop to arrange an appointment for a surveyor to come and measure their windows.  They tell you that they're interested in Vertical and Roller blinds.

If you have a Windows PC or Apple Mac in your shop, you can run Once Mobile on this, and use the keyboard (or copy and paste) to enter the customer's name, address, email and phone number, as well as record the survey appointment date and time, and make notes to tell your surveyor that the customer is currently interested in Vertical and Roller blinds.   When you've done this, you can choose to pass the quote that you have started to the surveyor who will be attending the appointment.  Simply choose their Once User Name from the list, and send the order.

When the surveyor opens Once Mobile on their tablet, they will see the quote that you started in the shop appear in their Inbox, along with the appointment date/time. This will save them having to type in the customer's name/address etc. on their mobile device.

After the survey, if the customer is still deciding between products/fabrics etc. the surveyor can then pass the quote back to the shop in the same way. This time, they will have all the measurements and details on products/extras chosen ready for when the customer calls the shop again with their final decisions.

As well as scenarios like the above, passing orders around has many uses.  If a surveyor is unable to make it to an appointment, it can be passed to a different surveyor, or even if you just want to ask another member of your company a question on an order, or have them complete it for you.

Also see: Passing orders between users and storing completed orders/quotes

Note that the system is designed so only one person can be editing an order at a time.  You can view quotes and orders you have sent to another users but to edit the order you will either have to request it is sent back to you or you can make a copy of the order in which case it will have a new reference number.