There are two ways to sell products priced by area

  1. Create price bands with a per sq mtr price in the table (and optionally a minimum price).

    If you have a price band table that looks like the examples below, then Once will use the price in Cell B2 as the cost per square metre. You can also optionally use Cell C2 for a minimum selling price.

    In Excel create a table such as this which you then paste into Once Setup.
    Cell B2 contains the sq metre price
    Cell C2 contains the optional minimum price
    Row 1 and column A are not used by Once for area pricing so can contain anything or can be empty.

    This is an example of area pricing in Once Setup

    You should also add a range in the same way as for any other product                     
    RangeColourBandMax WidthMin WidthMax Drop

    In Once Mobile it appears just like any other product using price bands:

    If your product is priced per square foot, you must convert to price per sq meter by dividing by 0.0929
    e.g. 10 per sq ft = 107.64 per sq m

  2. Create an Extras item that is priced by area

    This can be a quick and simple way to get area pricing but you don't get the max/min width or drop warnings or the range and colour drop down lists you get when using method 1.

  3. In Once Mobile you can then select the Extra to calculate at the price