Yes.  If you are a trade customer who wishes to share your product and price catalogue with customers using Once, you can export your catalogue.

To do this, in Once Setup press the Export Catalogue button   to create the .onz Once file that it contains your price catalogue.

As a trade supplier you should ensure the "Include product data only" checkbox is selected when you export so users can apply their own % price changes to your catalogue.

Send the .onz file that you have created to any customers that you want to share it with.

When they have your Once data file, they will need to click the Import Catalogue button   from their Once Setup program and select the .onz file that you created to import your catalogue.

Often it can be easier to use 2 Once Data locations - one for your own retail prices, and one for the price catalogue that you send to suppliers.  You can change the Once data location in Once Setup under Application Settings - Local Settings.  You can then switch between the two data locations depending upon which price catalogue you wish to edit.

See also: How do I import a Catalogue into Once Setup?