1. Install Once Setup on your new computer

If you get a new computer to run Once Setup on, download and install it on your new computer from one of these links.

 Once Setup for a Windows PC

 Once Setup for an Apple Mac

If you get a Windows Protected Your PC message, click More Info then Run Anyway.

After installing do not click upload but select the tools menu Download Settings. This will download your last uploaded settings data from the cloud.  This includes your quote/invoice template, logo, email and all your mobile settings.

2. Transfer your Product Catalogue from the old computer.

  • On your old computer press the Export Catalogue button   (or the menu, File, Export) to create an .onz file, which is a copy of your Product Catalogue. Transfer this .onz Once Data file to your new computer - you can do this by emailing it to yourself, or by copying to a USB drive for example.
    If you do not have access to your previous data, then contact support@onceconnected.co.uk and we can send you your data from our backups.  Note that the backups will only contain the retail (selling) prices what you uploaded to the cloud.
  • On the new computer, after you have installed Once Setup, you probably want to clear the supplied example catalogue.

Click the File option from the menu bar, and choose Clear Catalogue. Once Setup will ask if you want to save a backup. This way you can keep a copy of the example data in case you wish to use it in future.

  • Next, click the Import Catalogue button   (Or the menu, File, Import...) and select the .onz file that you created on your old computer to import all of the prices and catalogue data.