When a Once Mobile user (surveyor, fitter, etc.) changes their tablet, you will need to unregister them in Once Setup to allow the new device to be registered to that user ID. Each user can only use Once Mobile on one device.

To do this, go to Application Settings in Once Setup and choose the Account tab.

Select the relevant User ID, then click Unregister followed by the Update Users button.

The user will now be unregistered from the old tablet and can re-register on their new tablet by entering the account email and the user ID on the settings screen of Once Mobile.

Note that the quotes and orders that show in the columns on the View Orders screen on your old tablet are only stored locally on that tablet so they will NOT show on your new tablet.  If you want to transfer quotes/orders from your old tablet to your new tablet you will need to use the "Send this quote/order to" feature on the Address or Completed screens. If you only have Once user then this option will not appear, in which case contact Once Support about assisting with the transfer.