Copying and pasting price lists into Once Setup must be done one Price Band at a time.

Follow these steps to copy price data from a spreadsheet once you have created the Products that you wish to sell within Once:

  1. In your spreadsheet, the top row must be the width and left hand column must be the drop, in mm. If your spreadsheet contains additional header rows or columns in inches, Once Setup will try to remove these when you paste the table.
  2. Select the data in your spreadsheet either using the mouse or by pressing Ctrl+A on the sheet that you want to copy
  3. Copy the data using the menu option or by pressing Ctrl+C
  4. Go to Once Setup and choose the price band you wish to copy the data into (e.g. Price Band A) and paste using either the Paste button or by pressing Ctrl+V

Your Price list should now be copied into Once Setup, where you can edit the list by either using the spin boxes to adjust all prices up/down by a percentage or add VAT.