Once Setup and Once Mobile V3 

Note: You must upgrade both Once Setup and Once Mobile to Version 3 for all the new features to be available. Make sure that all of your Once Mobile users have upgraded to Once Mobile V3 before installing and using Once Setup V3.

Changes in Once Mobile V3:

  • New Extras/Options features (also requires Once Setup V3)
    • You can now have an unlimited number of extras groups for a product rather than the Version 2 limit of 8.  The Extras have been moved to a separate tab on the Survey screen of Once Mobile.
    • You can have notes or instructions displayed for a Supplier/Range or Extras group.
    • You can set an extra to be required (mandatory). A warning will be displayed if no selection is made for a required extra.
    • You can set an extra to allow multiples (e.g. a number of brackets or eyelets).
    • If you include the text "default" in an extras item name, this will be automatically selected.
    • Each extras group now has its own price adjustments (vat, mark-up % etc).  In V2 the adjustments applied to all extras groups for a product.
    • Note that with unlimited extras groups, for some products you may choose to move the control options to the product Extras rather than using the general purpose "Controls" on the Sizes tab of the Survey screen.

  • Price Calculator 
    A new Price Calculator feature is available for every item or extra price,
    The buttonis displayed next to a price and allows you to:
    • See and adjust how your retail price is calculated from trade prices (if your prices are based on trade prices).
    • Show the margin (difference between trade and retail price) for each item or extra if based on a trade price.
    • Add a per-item discount.
    • If you don't have your prices for a product pre-set in Once Setup, then you can enter your trade price, mark-up etc to calculate your retail price within Once Mobile.
    • You can set a discount on a individual item (blind) or extra.
    • You can disable the display of margins and trade prices by setting "Show Margins" to "No" in Once Setup.

  • Margins

Note that the margin should only be used as a guide as the actual supplier's cost could differ from the amount configured in Once Setup. 

  • For prices calculated from trade prices, the margin for each item and extra is displayed in the details of the Review screen.  The total margin is also displayed.  
  • You can disable the display of margins by setting "Show Margins" to "No" in Once Setup.

  • Save manually entered product data
    • If you manually add a product, supplier, range or colour in Once Mobile then this is now permanently remembered on your device.
    • You can edit your manually entered data from the Settings screen.
    • If you replace your Once Mobile device, your manually added data is restored on the new device.
    • This feature means it is less important to have all your product ranges pre-populated in Once Setup. You can manually add your product details as you go, building a local catalogue of all the products you have previously sold.  Note that by selecting a suitable price table for a product to you can still get the advantage of automatic price calculations.

  • Receipts
    • On a confirmed order, you can click a new "Pay" button to mark the order as Paid in full. The document sent to the customer will be labelled as a receipt and indicate paid in full.  You can also record how the payment was made.
    • On the View Orders screen there will be a check symbol shown on orders where full payment has been made and they will be coloured green
    • If you have selected the option to show price information on the Worksheet, this will include the payment data.

  • Optional selections on the Complete screen
    • Up to 2 additional selection lists can be added where a choice must be made before completing an order, e.g. A list of business branches, fitting time estimates, collect or deliver, or whatever you choose to include in the lists.

  • Edit Room Name
    • You can now edit a room name by pressing the Edit symbol next to the room name on the Survey screen.

  • Backup and Restore 
    • From the Settings screen you can backup and restore the orders as shown on the List Order screen. You would normally only use this if you have a new device and wish to copy all your orders to the new device.  An automatic backup is also taken at least daily.

Changes in Once Setup V3:

  • Price Adjuster Tool
    With the price adjuster tool you can change change prices on a multiple selection of products, ranges, extras or prices tables. Open the price adjuster tool from the Tools menu or from the tool button .
    Note that the prices displayed in Once Setup are created by applying adjustments to "base prices". The base prices can be either supplier trade prices, or retail prices.

    The displayed dialog shows three tabs.
    • Trade Prices
      From this tab you can set the items selected in the treeview to be "Trade to Retail". This means the base prices are trade prices with the Mark-up, Trade discount and VAT applied to create your retail prices.

    • Retail Prices
      With this tab selected the base prices for checked items in the treeview are set to "Retail Prices".

    • Base prices % change
      With this tab selected you can apply a percentage change to the base prices of the checked items in the treeview. This changes the prices before any other adjustments are applied. You would typically use this when applying a manufacturer's price change to all their products.

  • New Extras/Options features (also requires Once MobileV3)
    See Changes in Once Mobile V3 above, also includes:
    • Each extras group now has separate pricing adjustments instead of applying to all extras for the product.
      Pricing adjustments include Trade to Retail Mark-up, Trade Discount and VAT. Or if based on Retail prices, the percentage change to the base prices. When updating from V2, your current adjustments will be applied to all extras groups.

  • Product Measure Types
    • There is a new tab named "Measure" for each product. Using this you can replace or extend the the default measure types set in Settings, Mobile Settings.  The measure type is a required selection on the Survey screen of Once Mobile.  For example, if you have a product that requires you to measure the Glass size rather than the alcove, you might want this to only be available for this product rather than in the default measure types list

  • Download your last uploaded data
    • There are new Tools menu options to download your last uploaded Product Data and last uploaded Settings. These enable you to install Once Setup on a new/repaired PC and to populate it with the data you last uploaded to the cloud.  Note that it is recommended that you backup your data regularly using the File, Export data feature so you can recover data that is more recent than your last upload.

  • Data Change Notification and multiple Once Setup instances
    • If your product data or settings data has been changed in the cloud since you last uploaded, you will be notified and have the option to download the changed data.  This will happen if the data was changed by  Once Setup running on another PC or by Once support.

  • Multiple Account Management
    • Managing multiple accounts has been made far easier in V3. If you are currently managing multiple accounts please contact our support team so we can ensure your system is correctly migrated to Once Setup V3.

  • Business Logo
    • You can add your business logo that appears on your quotes/orders from a local file instead of only from a web link.  The file will be converted and resized then hosted on our servers.

  • Removal of "Sections" in band price adjustments
    • This feature allowed you to apply up to 3 different % price adjustments depending on width and drop. As this feature was rarely used and added considerable complexity it has been removed. 
    • When V3 Setup is started it scans for any V2 sections adjustments and applies these to your base price tables. This means your price tables will be correct 

Trello Integration for Order and Workflow Management:

Trello is an online tool you can use to create an Order Management system for tour business. It is free for basic usage.

Once Quotes, Orders and Receipts can be sent directly to Trello from Once Mobile.
See: Trello as an Order Management System

There are 3 new values you can enter into the Mobile Setting of Once Setup to specify the Trello board emails for Quotes Orders and Receipts. 

We recommend that you upgrade both Once Setup and Once Mobile, however there is compatibility with Once Setup Version 2 so even if you only update Once Mobile then it will continue to operate but without access to all the new features.
If you make changes using V3 Setup, then you must ensure all Once Mobile versions are also running V3.

Digital Certification

Windows executables and installers are now signed with an Extended Validation (EV) Code signing certificate. This means Microsoft SmartScreen. does not show a warning when running the installer.

MacOs apps and installers are now "notarized" with Apple to show as an identified developer. This allows downloaded apps to run on Mac Catalina and removes the warning on earlier versions about an unidentified developer.

Downloading Once Mobile V3

Click here to download: Once Mobile for a Windows PC  (If a Windows protection dialog appears, click More info, then Run Anyway).

Click here to download: Once Mobile for an Apple Mac 

For the Tablet versions search for Once Mobile in the Apple App store or in the apps of Google Play.
Or use the following links:

Downloading Once Setup V3

Click here to download: Once Setup for a Windows PC

Click here to download: Once Setup for an Apple Mac