To keep Once Time, simple, free and high performance the number of days to keep appointments is limited to a default maximum of 90 days. 

To increase this value you will have to edit a configuration file as described below.


  1. increasing the days to keep appointments may cause Once Time to run or synchronise slowly if you have a large number of saved appointments across all your staff e.g. > 1000 per staff member.
  2. The History log can contain around 2,500 entries so you can also use that system to find past appointments.


  1. On the PC/Mac set as your Controller, where you can edit the settings. Close Once Time on this PC (and ideally on any other devices running Once Time).
  2. Edit the following flle:  (in Notepad or other text editor)
  3. Change the value of kDys to the new number of days to keep appointments. e.g,
  4. Save the file then re-open Once Time. The settings should now show your new value
  5. If you have set more than one device as a Controller, you will need to repeat the above steps on those machines.
  6. Check that all your devices have this new value in their settings after re-starting/syncing. Any device does not have this new value then appointments will continue to be deleted using the old value.
  7.  If a devices does not pick up this value you will need to click Disconnect on the settings screen screen and then re-connect on start-up.