The content of typical emails sent from Once Mobile or Once Time have a very low spam scores and the email systems we use have everything needed to authenticate the sender.
Despite this there is always a risk of emails being classified as junk or spam due to the rules in place on the recipients email system.

A particular problem is restrictions on emails from unknown senders. Solicitors or local and UK government departments are examples where the default can be to quarantine emails from unknown senders hence the need to request the customer to check in their spam/junk folder. You may have seen this is frequently suggested with services that send you an initial email so it is an industry problem in the war on spammers.

If users report they are not receiving emails you can check the following:

  1. Check that the customer's email is correct and they are looking in this email account.
  2. Check if you have received any delivery failure notifications from Once.  These will be sent to your email for receiving orders for Once Mobile, and your business email for Once Time.
  3. Ask the customer to search in their junk/spam folder (and any other folders they use).  If they are in junk/spam they should mark them as not junk or spam to prevent this re-occurring.
  4. For Once Mobile you will also receive a Worksheet email with a copy of the customer quote/order as an attachment. If you have not received this then it was almost certainly not sent from Once Mobile and will still be queued for Sending or in the In Progress column.
  5. For Once Time there is an envelope symbol that is shown on an appointment if an email has been successfully sent. You can optionally include a copy address for your business. This will receive a copy of Appointment confirmations sent to customers.
  6. You can resend the email from Once Time or Once Mobile, (For Once Mobile, open the View Orders page, click on the item menu in the Sent column and select Resend...). 

Further Technical Info:
  • DKIM and SPF are applied to all emails from Once
  • We have a dedicated IP address that is only used for sending Once emails so will never be blacklisted.
  • We use a market leading email sending service with 99.99% uptime and 24x7 monitoring.
  • Permanent delivery failures e.g due to an invalid email address or a problem at the recipients email service such as their mailbox being full are notified to Once customer's email address.