The Once Time History page shows a log of all changes made to appointments on the local device (since installing release 1.2.2 or later).

Changes include local edits and changes as a result of syncing with the cloud.  The log will capture up to approximately 5000 changes.

  • You can restore selected appointments to an earlier version or to recover deleted appointments by clicking the checkbox in the first column and pressing "Restore". 
  • The second column in the list shows the time of the change and a character indicating the reason for the change.
    S - New or Updated
    D - Deleted or staff changed
    U - Updated by sync
    N - New from sync
    Z - Deleted by sync
    D - Deleted as older than Days to keep appointments

    Note that moving an appointment to a different staff member will result in a delete (D) and a new item (S) in the history log.
  • The third column shows significant appointment details.
  • The fourth column is the notes
  • You can search (filter) for any text in the 3rd or 4th columns