To synchronise appointments between devices, most changes are immediately uploaded to the cloud, there is no need to force a sync. Other devices check for changes in the cloud at intervals as described below.

Once Time automatically synchronises with the cloud:

  • Every 2 minutes during working hours plus an hour before and after. Outside these times the sync time increases to every 30 minutes.
  • When you launch Once Time after closing it from the menu or closing the app on an PC or Mac.
  • On saving a new or changed appointment.
  • On changing an appointment to a new member of staff, by dragging or using the edit dialog.
  • When you leave the Settings page
  • When Clicking the Sync menu option (this should rarely be necessary).

Pressing the warning icon on the toolbar shows the last sync time or an error message. It will also change colour to red if the last sync failed.

One Time Setting are synchronised with the cloud:

  • When you exit the Setting page 
  • On first starting Once Time
  • By clicking the Sync menu option
  • Approximately every 10 minutes increasing to every 60 minutes outside working hours.


  1. Syncing with the cloud does not immediately update all other devices. Other devices will update when they next sync with the cloud which would be within 2 minutes during working hours (plus 1 hour each side).
  2. Dragging an appointment to a new time does not do an immediate sync, it will occur at the next timed sync,

Whats if my device or phone is suspended or Once Time is not running in the foreground?

On mobile phones or tablets, Once Time will only synchronise if it is running as the foreground app (to save battery and network usage).

If someone else has changed an appointment in the cloud since your device last synced then it can take up to 2 minutes to download the change or you can click the Sync menu option to immediately check for changes.

If you don't have an internet connection then the sync will fail and the last sync indicator will turn red. The sync retries at the next sync time while Once Time is in the foreground.