Installing a new version of Once Setup

  1. Go to the Your Account, Downloads page of for the download links.
  2. Contact Support  (, contact us form, or raise a ticket)

Installing an update to Once Setup is the same as Downloading and Installing Once Setup
  • You will not lose any of your existing data and settings when updating. However before upgrading it is a good idea to export your catalogue using the File, Export Catalogue menu or button 7Ohx6-579shSj2_5FSkJogZcvSeMwFNVgg.png This will give you a backup you can restore in case of problems.
  • It is not necessary to uninstall Once Setup before installing the new version.
  • For details of changes see the support portal Release Notes 
  • After installing the new Once Setup you should:
    a. Open the Mobile Settings from the Application Settings dialog and check any new values are correct for your business.
    b. Open the Quote and Worksheet template editor  and check these are correct for your business.
    c. Click Upload Data UploadButton.pngto upload the changes for collection by your Once Mobile devices
    d. On each Once Mobile device open the Settings page and tap Check for new data...

You should also check you have the latest Once Mobile installed on your devices.

  • Once Mobile for Android can be updated from the Google Play store.
    (If you  have auto-update enabled you may find it has automatically updated)

  • Once Mobile for Apple iPad can be updated in the usual way using the App Store app.

  • Once Mobile for Windows can be download from the public Downloads page of