The are 3 methods for running Once Setup on multiple computers and ensuring you don't get  "out of step" between each installation and your data in the cloud used by Once Mobile.

1. Synchronise your data via the cloud

To use Once Setup one more than one computer you need to ensure you synchronise your data via the cloud (where your data is stored for use by Once Mobile).

  1. On the computer where you first installed Once Setup, make sure all your current data has been uploaded to the cloud.

  2. Install Once Setup on the second PC/Mac, making sure you enter the same account email. Don't install the example catalogue.

  3. From the Tools menu select "Download your last uploaded Settings..."
    This will copy from the cloud your template, logo and other settings data.

  4. From the Tools menu select "Download your last uploaded Product Data..."

  5. After the download has completed you will be presented with a list of the products in the downloaded data. Select all by clicking on the top checkbox.

  6. Leave "Import product and base price data only" unchecked and check the box "Overwrite existing items" if you want to update any existing data.

  7. Click the OK button.

You will now have a copy of your data  on the new computer. After you have made changes always click the cloud button (or Tools, Upload...).  Your changes can then be picked up by Once Mobile users or by Once Setup on other computers.

When you open Once Setup on another computer you must run from steps 3 or 4 above to download the latest data. 

2. Using Export and Import to copy the data between PCs

Another way to edit your Catalogue on two computers is to use the Export and Import Catalogue feature of Once Setup.
Using the Export Catalogue feature, you can export your catalogue (or a selected part of it) and save this to an .onz file. You then copy this file to your second PC using USB memory, or perhaps sending it as an email attachment.  On the second PC you can use the Import catalogue feature of Once to import the data from the file (or a selected part of it) to Once for editing.

The Solution What happens to Once Setup if I need a new computer? also describes in detail how to export and import Catalogue files.

3. Using Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Backup and Sync etc,

It is possible to change where your Once Setup data is stored so it is on a folder shared by on of the above systems.

We don't recommend this method as is it difficult to guarantee all files are in sync. If you change the data on PC 1 then logout or shutdown, then your data may not have completed synchronising with Dropbox etc.

Similarly of you open Once Setup on PC 2, then it is not easy to be sure you have downloaded all the latest changes.  You also risk having updates made to the data files while you are changing them .

The far more positive synchronisation of method 1 above is preferred.