When you first install Once Mobile, you will be asked to enter your Once Email and User ID on the Settings screen.

The User ID is not your password, is is the ID for the surveyor created in Once Setup

The Once Email is the email address that your business used to subscribe to Once.  We need this so that your Once Mobile app can be linked to your company's product catalogue and personalised setup.

To find out your Once Email, in the Once Setup tool, click the Application Settings button SettingsButton.png and go to the Account tab.  Here you will see the Once Account email.  This is what you need to enter into the Once Email field on Once Mobile.

To find out your User ID, in the Once Setup tool, click the Application Settings button SettingsButton.png and go to the Account tab.  Here you will see the list of User IDs, User Names and the date they registered their mobile device.  You will need to enter one of these User IDs into Once Mobile to connect to your subscription.  If you haven't yet set up any User IDs, please see this article on how to setup your Once Mobile User IDs