Beta release 0.2.1 (19/01/22)

This version now has a linkage between orders and appointments.

  • Any future appointments is shown on an order card.
    Clicking on the appointment date on the order card will open the appointment in the calendar.

  • Appointments show the new symbol O when there is an order associated with the appointment.
    Clicking on this opens a menu where you can view the worksheet or order documents and an option to switch to the orders screen and show the order details.

  • If you send appointments to Once Mobile users using the Schedule screen in Once Track or Once Time, then when the quote/order is completed in Once Mobile and sent back to Once Track, the order will contain a link to the appointment.

  • When creating a follow-up appointment such as a fitting you can open the original appointment (e.g. the Survey appointment) and change this a future date and a new appointment type.  This ensures any linkage to the order is maintained (as shown by the  O in the appointments of Once Track).  

Once Track is currently only available to beta testers

  • The beta versions have only had minimal testing and do not have full functionality.
  • Once Mobile orders are not affected by the use of Once Track unless you forward orders to Once Mobile users from Once Track either from the job card menu or via an appointment started from a job card.

Using Once Track beta for the first time

  1. Importing Sent Orders from your Once Mobile devices Into Once Track
    Every One Mobile device uploads to the cloud a backup of the orders on the device at least once per day. You can extract the Sent orders from these backups into Once Track. With the Orders screen showing on Once Track, click on the top-right menu and select Import from Once Mobile backups

  2. Automatically sending Orders from Once Mobile to Once Track
    You can run step 1 to update the orders in Once Track but for automatic updates you need to create a new Once Mobile settings entry in Once Setup.
    1. Open Once Setup and close any open dialogs (such as the Application Settings)
    2. Type Ctrl-N (Control key and N at the same time) to show the new Mobile Settings dialog.
      Create the key saveins3_b as shown.

    3. Click OK, then the menu Tools, Upload settings only (or click the cloud upload button).

    4. Download the new settings on your Once Mobile devices. Either click yes to the pop-up about new settings data being available or on the settings page click Check for new data.

  3. Add you own lists (columns)
    Click on the Settings, from the top-right menu then, Edit the lists. You can add new lists and change the order they appear. E.g. you may add an "In-Progress" list or "Ready". Note that the more lists you have the more overhead you have moving orders between lists.
    Incoming Once orders from Once Mobile are automatically moved between Quote and Confirmed or to the Receipt list depending on the status of the order sent from Once Mobile.

  4. Explore the features by clicking on the menu buttons.The functions of Once Track are mainly available from the various Menu buttons on the lists and cards. Exploring these will show what can be done using Once Track

Release History

Beta release 0.1.12 (10/01/22)

  • The number if item status checkboxes has been increased to 5
  • The colours used for the column names can be changed.
  • Improved and more rapid syncing of changed settings
  • Fixed a problem with not clearing the order ref number after making a calendar entry from an order causing the order ref. to be used in the next new appointment.
  • New column menu to archive jobs older than a number days or date.

Beta release 0.1.10 (28/12/21)

  • On the order details display, the individual blind/item status symbols can be clicked to check or unset all checkboxes.
  • You can change the colours of the column names
  • On the order details display, you can re-size the height of the upper and lower sections.
  • When installing on multiple PCs it will now initially sync the orders and order columns.
  • It will correct for your system clock being wrong by up to 100 seconds. Note that server communication will fail if your clock is over 2minutes out.

Beta release 0.1.9 (21/12/21)

  • Includes the latest updates for Once Time
  • Archive old orders in a list

Beta release 0.1.8 (20/12/21)

  • Implements syncing between multiple installations on Once Track
  • Includes the latest updates for Once Time

Beta release 0.1.7 (14/12/21)

  • Includes the latest updates for Once Time
  • Includes report types missing from previous versions
  • new logo

Beta release 0.1.7 (20/12/21)

  • Includes the latest updates for Once Time
  • Includes report types missing from previous versions
  • new logo

Beta release 0.1.4 (12/11/21)

  • New Report Editor for creating your own report types.
  • New Product report for a report on the numbers of each product type sold in the selection period
  • Alerts flags can be added to orders with text for the reason for the alert
  • Calendar Appointments can be started from the job card menu of Once Track
    If this appointment is then sent to a Once Mobile user via the Schedule, it will contain all the order details.
  •  Appointments with show a symbol when there is an order associated with the appointment. Clicking on this will a enable you to view the order or worksheet
  • Calendar events now show the (straight-line) distance to the next appointment. When making a new appoitment it displays the nearest future appointments from the new appointment location.

Beta release 0.1.3 (23/10/21)

  • First Beta release.