Welcome to the Urban Shutters Ordering application 

  • Using this app you can directly place orders for Urban Shutters with Louvolite.
  • The app ensures you can only select valid options, configurations and sizes.
  • On completion you can post your orders directly to Louvolite. You will then receive an order acknowledgement  by email to confirm receipt of your order.
  • The app will show prices to assist you in creating a retail price. Note that the trade prices and margins shown in the app are only a guide.  The exact trade price charged to your business will be shown on your Louvolite invoice/statement.
  • You can add staff to allow use of the Urban Shutters app for surveying. Surveyors cannot place supplier orders, their completed quotes or orders are sent to the administrator user. 

Download links

Urban Shutters for 64-bit Windows

Urban Shutters for MacOS

Change History

1.0.21 August 17 2020

  • Fix for uploading orders to Louvolite occasionally failing with no error displayed. This can cause a delay in processing your orders.

1.0.20  July 2020 

Changes since 0.0.19

  • When adding a new shutter the details from the currently viewed shutter are copied to the new shutters apart from the sizes and configuration.
  • Shutters less than 1500mm or 5sqm are always pre-assembed, you cannot select flat-pack.
  • You can no longer select "None" as an Astragal option if you have LR in your configuration.
  • Fix for "Sent to Supplier: " date and time in View Order always showing the current date and time.

If you are viewing this in the app, click the button  (above right) to download from the following links.

Windows 10 Installer