Once Time changes in release 1.2.2

  • When resetting the password you now have the option force other admin users to re-enter the password. After 4 failed password attempts OnceTime running on their device will be disconnected from your account.
  • A new history event 'X' to record when an appointment is deleted due to being older than the "Days to keep" as specified on settings.
  • Improvements to synchronisation of settings such as the business address on Android devices.
  • Android devices will now install a 64 bit version on 64 bit devices.

Download Links:

Once Time for Windows

If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.
If you are running a 32bit PC, install this version: 32bit Windows Version

Once Time for Mac

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.

If you are running Mac 10 .11 (El Capitan or earlier) download this version.

Android (Google Play)

Apple iOS