Once Time changes in release 1.5

  • The display order of Staff can now be changed on the Settings page, Add/Edit staff.
  • The straight-line distance between appointments is now shown (provided a lookup on the address has been done to obtain the map location).  
  • Support for sending SMS messages in addition to or instead of an email. You can now specify the email to text SMS service you use in the settings for each business. See: Sending SMS (text) messages from Once Time 
  • You can enter customer multiple phone numbers separated by a non-numeric character e.g. a space or comma. The mobile number must be first.
  • Staff can be set to see a Read-Only view of their calendar. 
  • Each "Company" in Once Time can have a different Once Mobile account.  This allows businesses with multiple Once accounts to use a single Once Time account to manage staff shared between Once accounts. You must contact Once Support for this feature to be enabled.
  • You can change the Staff column width in addition to the appointment height on the Settings screen, Advanced Settings...
  • New settings option: Google calendar support. In the schedule email sent to staff, you can include links so the recipient can create entries in their Google calendar. 
  • You can record the source of enquiries for marketing purposes e.g. Google, Facebook, Local paper etc.  To view or create a report with this information (e.g. for use in a spreadsheet) will require Once Track. Current available to beta testers.

Download Links:

Once Time for Windows
If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.

Once Time for Mac

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.