If you are a trade supplier, this article describes how you can manage Once accounts for your trade customers so they can easily sell your products using Once and their confirmed orders are emailed directly to you.  

Your trade customer only needs a tablet (or a PC) running Once Mobile. Everything is setup for them and they do not have to re-type orders into other formats or ordering systems.

  1.  Inform Once Support of your trade customers (also called retailers in this article)  who will be using Once and the number of Once users in each trade account. Once Connected will create a Once account for that retailer with the required number of users. Each retail account must have a different email. This can be an email managed by you or it can be the retailer's email.
  2. On your PC where Once Setup is installed, create a new Windows user for each retailer.
    See the following for details:

    Microsoft: Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10

    How-To-Geek: How to Create a New Local User Account in Windows 10

    Reason - the configuration data for the current version of Once Setup is stored in user specific areas of Windows so is not possible to switch between different Once accounts as the same Windows user. With a Windows user for each retailer you can quickly switch between them to manage them using Once Setup.
  3. After logging in as a different Windows user/retailer, run the Once Setup installer and enter the Once account email, business name etc. for that retailer. You also need to create their Once users and user IDs from the Application Settings, Account tab.
  4. For the setting: "Emails to receive orders to your business", you need an email address that you manage to receive the retailer's order and quotes.  This can be an email in your current business email domain or you can setup a new email such as in gmail.

    You must setup a forwarding rule so that the retailer is forwarded a copy of all emails.  You may also choose to create email rules to separate confirmed orders from quotes, perhaps discarding the quotes and moving the confirmed orders to a folder or another email address.  The email rules can be based on the subject line or the sender.
  5. Set the "Reply-To" address to the retailer's email so replies from their customers are sent to the retailer.  They can also set this on their tablet from the Once Mobile settings screen.
  6. Setup the retailer’s quote/order template with their address, logo, VAT number, etc.
  7. Clear the default catalogue (File Menu, Clear...) then import the catalogue from an export made of your catalogue.  You can then change the retailer’s catalogue of products and prices including their mark-up and discounts as needed.
  8. Upload the retailer’s data to the cloud.
  9. On a retailer's tablet, install Once mobile and on the Settings screen enter their Once account email and user ID you created then tap "check for new data".
  10. Billing:For each Once Mobile user, you need to add a Once subscription on the Once Account Subscriptions page.
    It would also be possible to create Once accounts for each retailer where they enter their own payment details but this reduces the advantage of them having everything managed by their supplier.

As always - please contact Once Support for any assistance you need setting this up.