Changes in One Mobile 3.5.2 (12 Nov 2021)

  • If "Fix prices on sending" is set in One Setup, then extras prices are set to fixed in addition to the item prices. This ensures prices are not automatically updated when re-opening a sent order and the extras prices have since changed.

  • On returning to the Home screen the currently viewed order is always closed. This ensures nothing can be carried over into a new blind such as "paid in full"

  • Multiple blinds can be set to 1 blind.

Previous update 3.4.5 (26 Oct 2021)

  • Critical fix: the previous update, 3.4.4, created duplicate blinds or could copy blinds from the previous sent order when sending. You must update if you had installed 3.4.4

Previous update: 3.4.4 (25 Oct 2021)

  • Fix for not clearing all data from the previously opened order under certain conditions.

Previous update: 3.4.1 (14 Oct 2021)

  • Fix for the Measure Type being reset/blank when using product specific measure types.

  • Per-item or extras discounts can now be entered as either an amount or a percentage.
  • The Optionally displayed "Deleted" column is renamed "Backup" as it contains more than just deleted orders.

  • You can now specify on each device the number of days to keep In Progress or InBox orders. They will be removed if they have not been opened for the number of days specified. The default value is 90 days.

  • The email validation on the Customer page is handled differently so the check is done before leaving the page. There has also been changes to speed up and improve the responses due to email providers becoming less helpful with indicating if an email is valid or not.

  • Uploading orders to Blindata (only for customers with this feature enabled).
    Quotes and receipts are not uploaded unless the following values are set in the Blindata "Other settings"
    sendQuote=true, sendReceipt=true

    TotalPrice and DepositPrice are excluded unless the Blindata  Other settings contains:

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