In Release 2.1 of Once Setup and Once Mobile you can have a separate worksheet for each product type in an order. For instance an order with both venetian and vertical blinds can have two separate worksheets, one for each product type to make it easier to forward to manufacturing or for supplier ordering. You can set both the use of worksheets per products and the list of products types using Once Setup, Mobile Settings.

Once Setup, Mobile Settings:

The list of product types is a list of type names where the type must appear in the name in the product.  Upper or lower case is ignored when looking for a match in the name.

The longest product types are searched for first so a product containing a type named "roman roller" will be matched before "roller".

The worksheets file name will contain the name of the product e.g Worksheet-Vertical-170704-abc-2.html.

Any items on an order that are not matched by a product type will be included in a worksheet where the letter 'u' (for unclassified) is included instead of a product name e.g. Worksheet-u-170704-abc-2.html.

Using product type codes

Using product types such as as the word "venetian" may not allow you to separate your worksheets in the preferred way if you have several products with "venetian" in the name.  In this case you could include a unique product code in the name of the products. e.g. your list could be:


and you would the rename your products to have the code as part of the name e.g.

Metal Venetians -A

Perfect Fit -L

Sunwood 50mm Gloss -D