When first running Once Setup you need to enter your Once account email. This should be the same email that you used to sign up to Once.  After entering this email you are not able to change it in the Once Setup Applications Settings dialog.

To change the email in Once Setup, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Once Connected Support (email, website or raise a ticket on the support portal) and request that you need to change your account email giving your current and new email.  We can then ensure that your account data, licences etc are transferred.
  2. Open Once Setup and if you are using a Windows PC, type Ctrl, Alt and U. (hold down the Ctrl key and the Alt key and the U key at the same time), or try Ctrl Y. On a Mac the keys, are Command (cloverleaf), Option and U (or try Command, Y)
  3. The dialog titled  "Once - Account emails" will appear. Make sure you have no other Once Setup dialogs open.
  4. Replace the displayed Once Account Email with the code and click OK.
  5. The dialog will then allow you to type in your new account email. Enter it and click OK.
  6. Open the Application Settings, Account dialog and click unregister for each of your users.
  7. Click the Update Users button.
  8. On every one of your Once Mobile devices (including desktop versions) open the Settings screen and change the Once Email to your new account email then click "Check for new data..."  This will re-register the device against the new account.

Note that the account email is only used as a unique identifier for your account by Once Setup and Once Mobile so it is not essential that it is a valid email providing we have a record of one or more other valid emails so we can contact you. However, you should certainly ensure you have a correct email at https://onceconnected.co.uk/your-account/ or you won't receive automated emails about your subscriptions and payments.