The best way to print a Worksheet or Quote/Invloice is to open the worksheet or order attachment in the Worksheet email so it displays in your web browser (e.g. by double-clicking on it).

In the web browser bring up the Print dialog by either right mouse click and select Print or click Ctrl-P, or use the browser print menu.

From this menu you can select Portrait or Landscape and Scale or Shrink-to-fit to ensure you can fit the print onto one page.

Note that for Google Chrome you have to enable the Print Scaling option as described below.

On the Worksheet, you can free up space by replacing the Status5-9 values and even the Title value.  You do this using the Once Setup, Worksheet template editor. Remember to upload your changes to the cloud for collection by Once Mobile users.

Print Scaling in Google Chrome Browser

Recent versions of Chrome have Scale options under "More settings" on the Print screen. 

On older version you can enable this option as follows:

  • Type or copy the following into the Chrome address.


  • Select Enabled, then Chrome will request that you relaunch

  • In the Print options click More settings

  • You should now see the Scale option.