Before you can use Once Mobile, you need to use Once Setup and enter a few details to get up and running.

Click here to download: Once Setup for a Windows PC

Click here to download: Once Setup for an Apple Mac

Installing Once Setup On a Windows PC

  • After downloading the installer file, click Open, and double click the file. Or open your Downloads folder and double click the file 
  • Sometimes Windows can warn you about running an unrecognised file downloaded from the internet, so you'll need to choose More Info then click Run Anyway if this happens.

Installing Once Setup On a Mac

  • After downloading the installer package, open your downloads folder
  • Double click the file OnceSetup-install.pkg or right-click and select Open

Before you can run Once Mobile you will need to have created a user in Once Setup for each of your Once Mobile devices.

See:  Setting up your Once Mobile Users.

Installing Once Mobile

You can run Once Mobile on an Android device, Apple iPad, Windows PC or Apple Mac. Click on one of the links to below to download the installer.