Before any of your users can start using Once Mobile, you will need to give them a User ID.

  • In Once Setup, click the Application Settings button SettingsButton.png and go to the Account tab.  Here you will see the number of users that you have paid for in your subscription.

  • To create a user ID, click the  button.  A pop up will appear asking you to enter a User ID and User Name.  The User ID, can be anything, such as the user's initials.  For example, you might enter User Name: Joe Bloggs, and User ID: JB.

  • The new user will show as Unregistered until they enter their User ID into Once Mobile on the Settings screen to register their tablet with your subscription of Once
  • You need to set up a User ID for each person that you wish to use Once Mobile - each User ID can only be registered on 1 device (tablet or PC running Once Mobile). 
  • So that your users can get started with Once Mobile, you need to give them the following details:
  1. Once Email = The email that you used to sign up to Once (this can be found on the Account tab of Application Settings in Once Setup). This is the same for all users.
  2. User ID = The User ID that you just set up in Once Setup.  Each user will require a separate User ID.

  • Click the Update Users button to push your changes to the cloud.

If you replace a device or need to move a user to another device, you will need to unregister the user to allow them to re-register on another device.