Changes in Once Mobile 3.2.10

  • When copying to room/all on the Survey screen, the copy now cannot be interrupted by clicking on the screen before the copy has completed.  Previously, interrupting the copy could cause the sizes for the first blind in a room to display and save the sizes from the blind being copied from.

  • Changes to the document layout for ex VAT quotes and orders to more clearly show the ex VAT total.

  • Changes to the email validation to ensure all emails are checked and invalid emails cannot be sent.
    For email systems that report if a mailbox (the part before the @) does not exist, then the email will not be sent until corrected. Systems that report if a mailbox exists include gmail,, and  For systems that don't indicate if a mailbox exists then a warning is displayed that the email cannot be validated and you should double check that it has been correctly entered.

    Previously it was too easy to send emails where the mailbox was invalid. When too many invalid emails are sent this caused delays or blocks to all emails being sent to systems run by Microsoft (outlook, hotmail, live etc).

  • Not emailing to your business in 3.2.9
    On some platforms there was an issue in 3.2.9 that stopped emails email being sent to your business. This version was only available for download between 1pm and 11:30pm on Thursday 6th May. If you had updated to 3.2.9 then any sent orders will only have gone to your customer. You will need to install 3.2.10 and resend them from the Sent column on the View Orders page either by using the Resend menu option for each job or re-opening and re-sending (perhaps unchecking the send to customer option so the customer does not receive a duplicate). After updating you will need to click Resend on any orders in the Sent column that were not sent to your business email

Downloading Once Mobile

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