Trello is a simple but powerful, free system that can be used for organising your orders.

What is Trello ?
Just like a planning board, you have a card for each job that you move between lists.  At a glance you can see the status of all your jobs.

I setup the following Trello board in just a few minutes that automatically receives Once orders as cards via email into the left hand list.  You can then open an order and type notes, set dates, todo lists etc in each card and move them between lists.
Each board has an email address that you can use to receive quotes or orders sent from Once. The Once attachments (Worksheet, Order etc) are attached to each card.

You can either use the Trello board email as the "email to receive orders" in Once Setup, or set a rule to automatically copy/forward from your existing email system. (Or just manually forward them for test purposes). In Once Version 3 you will be able to set Trello board email addresses for Quotes, Orders and Receipts in Once Setup and the card contents will be formatted to contain a Trello style summary of the customer and order.

There are many features in Trello and numerous example board templates ( although it may best to build you own as I did. You would probably have several boards in any business rather than trying to make one that does everything, e.g. a separate boards for sales leads, production, supplier ordering etc. You can easily move cards between boards.

Other features:

  • Calendar View and Due Dates
    If you set a Due Date on each card they can be viewed as a Calendar in Trello.

  • Coloured Labels
    You add labels to a card to indicate information such as product type, salesman or region. You can then search or filter on these so with a single click you can show all cards with required labels.

  • Collaboration
    You can set permission on who can access the Trello boards and what access they have.

  • Email to different lists
    Each board member has different