Once Time changes in release 1.2.1

  • Changes to prevent the app crashing when searching.
  • The default number of characters to be typed before starting a search is increased from 2 to 3. You can change this via the Settings Page, Advanced button.  Increasing the number of characters will prevent slow responses when searching.
  • A new History page is available from the menu.
    This page lists the history of all changes to appointments both locally and by syncing with the cloud. You can restore selected appointments to a previous version or recover deleted appointments.
  • The Diary page loads faster when first launching Once Time.
  • The phone number is now shown on the results from a search and in the appointment display.
  • An All Day Events... item has been added to the top right menu.  This allows you to more quickly edit holidays or other all day events without going via the settings page.  Note that this menu option is only available if your Once Time installation is set as a Controller.
  • On a Windows PC, you cannot exit the app if you are editing an appointment. 
  • Improved error handling if there is a failure to save an appointment e.g. the appointment edit dialog won't close.

Download Links:

Once Time for Windows

If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.
If you are running a 32Bit PC install this version: 32bit Windows Version 

Once Time for Mac

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.

Android (Google Play)

Apple iOS