To get all of the new Louvolite 2019 fabric ranges into your Once Setup, please download the .onz file here:


Choose "Save as" and save the file to a location such as your desktop, 

Then in Once Setup click the File, Import... menu, or click the button:Finally select the file you saved. For import instructions see How do I import a Catalogue into Once Setup?

The new fabric ranges have 2019 in the name, such as "Louvolite 2019 - Pleated" so you can have both the current and new Louvolite ranges in your Catalogue and there is no risk of over-writing anything.  If you already have your Louvolite fabrics setup under different product names, you can simply copy and paste the range data from these "Louvolite 2019 - " products into your own products, then delete the imported data.