Once Time changes in release 1.1.

  • A Copy button is now shown on the edit appointment so you can create a duplicate of the appointment.
  • A phone symbol in the edit appointment phone number allows you to directly dial or text the number (on devices with phone support).
  • A G symbol in the edit appointment address will open google maps at the address + postcode.
  • Fix for scrolling through days using the < and > buttons when you move to a different month. (These buttons only show on narrow screens such as on mobile phones).
  • There is no longer a delay when displaying a different month for the first time.
  • Fix for setting the start of day hour so it does not revert back to 9am.
  • Fix for the the web page display not always displaying on Apple Mac.
  • Fix for the address format displayed in Once Mobile on appointments sent from Once Time.
  • The Schedule page will automatically update when the the app syncs with the cloud.
  • Fix for the email preview displaying a blank page on some Android platforms (sometimes only after an Android update).
  • Allow emails with 4 character final domain e.g. .info
  • On Windows, release 1.1 is for 64 bit (x64) Windows machines only. It will not install on 32 bit Windows.
  • Symbols such as £, €, and single quote in customer emails are now correctly converted to HTML.
  • You can change the minimum time-slots height on the Diary page from a new Advanced... button on the Settings page.  

Download Links:

Once Time for Windows

If a Windows security dialog appears, click More info... then Run anyway.

Once Time for Mac 

After downloading, double click on the file OnceTime-install.pkg in your Downloads folder.

Android (Google Play)

Apple iOS