Once only allows a single set of products and prices (the catalogue) under each once account. Also your emails, quote/invoice template containing your address, logos etc is fixed for each once account.  Hence you will require a separate Once account for each different business you manage. 

Once Setup version 2.2 or later allows you to switch to a different "local Settings" folder for each business which will also switch the account for each folder.  Setting this up takes a number of manual steps described below.

Information needed by Once Support

  1. Inform Once Support of your requirements as they will need to create a new Once Account for each of your businesses. You will need to supply us with a unique email address for each Once account and the number of Once users in each business.
  2. You will need to increase your Once subscription to cover the total number of Once users across all your businesses.

Steps for setting up multiple business using Once Setup 2.2

  1. Download from this link OnceSetupWindows2.2.0
    If a windows security dialog appears click More Info, then Run Anyway

  2. Open the Once Setup Settings dialog and click on the “Local Settings” tab.
  3. Click on the  gQJyvBF7RcrTGMMPpq2JTbo0tSdGkRSLFg.pngbutton to open a File Explorer window.
  4. Right-click on the OnceData folder and select Rename.
    Rename the folder to a name that represents your first business
  5. Right click the folder and select Copy (or click Ctrl-C)
  6. Right-click and select Paste (or type Ctrl-V).  The complete folder will then be copied.
  7. Rename the copied folder to a name that represents your second business
  8. Repeat the above for each business.
  9. Select your new business folder and close the dialog by clicking the "Select Folder" button.


    The above steps will have created folders for each of your business. At this point each will be an identical copy. To associate each folder with a different Once account you will need to do the following:

  1. Close the Application Settings dialog of Once Setup.
  2. Press Control-Y, (Control key and the Y key at the same time)
    The Once - Account emails dialog should appear.
  3. Change the Once Account email to the unique Once account email the Once support must have previously setup for you.
  4. Change the email for receiving orders and business name, then close the dialog
  5. Open the Application Settings dialog (Menu, Tools, Settings)
  6. Check that the Mobile Settings values are correct for this business, in particular the email to receive orders.
  7. Click the Account tab and add new users for this account. Click Update Users when complete.
  8. Close the he Application Settings dialog.
  9. Open the Quote editor (Tools, Quote/Worksheet editor)
  10. Change the logo, address etc for the business.
  11. Close the Quote editor and click the Upload button or Menu, Tools Upload products and settings.

You will now be able to register your Once Mobile tablet (or desktop Once Mobile) to the new Once account email and a user ID created in step 7 above.

To switch to a different business in Once Setup:

  1. Open the Application Settings dialog
  2. Select the Local Settings tab
  3. Click the ... button and select a folder for a different business.
    If this business has not yet been configured you need to repeat steps 1-11 above.