Once Mobile Release 2.2.2/2.2.3

This release includes the following changes

  • There is a new menu option on the Sent column items to allow you to re-send the quote/order. This also allows you to edit the customer email.  This will be useful if you need to correct the customer email and resend without creating a copy of of the sent order.
  • Improved layout of your Terms and Conditions displayed when a customer signs for an order. e.g. on some devices long lines could be truncated or would not scroll.
  • Any question (e.g. for GDPR) on the signature screen will wrap to use more than one line if it does not fit in a single line. Also fixes a problem on some iPads where the characters were not rendered correctly.
  • You can now set your own order reference numbers instead of using the Once Order reference numbers.
    On the Settings screen, you can set an initial order number that will increment for each new order. You can also optionally add fixed text before and/or after this number.e.g. AB8 100000 xyz.  If you leave the number field blank, Once will use the default order reference numbers of "reverse_date-UserID-sequence_num"
    e.g. 180620-ab-2.
    Note that although your business may be used to the numeric order numbers you have on printed order forms, you should consider if this format is essential before you change from the default Once format.
    The Once order ref format carries useful additional information over a numeric value.
    • The date the order was created
    • The userID who created it 
    • The job number in that day.
  • You can choose to fix the prices on a quote/invoice when it is sent. This ensures that if you change prices on a device the original prices will be displayed if you copy and open the sent quote/invoice.  This works in the same way as if you had manually entered the item prices.  Please contact Once Support if you wish to use this feature as it requires a new mobile setting option applied to to Once Setup.

Note: The version number is 2.2.2 for Windows and Android versions, and 2.2.3 for the Apple version. The app is identical and there is no difference between versions.

Downloading Once Mobile 2.2.2/2.2.3

Click here to download: Once Mobile for a Windows PC  (If a Windows protection dialog appears, click More info, then Run Anyway).

Click here to download: Once Mobile for an Apple Mac 

For the Tablet versions search for "Once Mobile Blinds" in the Apple App store or in the apps of Google Play.
Or use the following links:

       Get it on Google Play