Once Mobile Release 2.2.0

This release includes the following changes

  • A backup copy of an order is taken each time an order us moved between the columns as shown in the View orders screen (Inbox, In Progress, Queued and Sent). 
    • You can view the backup of orders by checking the checkbox at the bottom of the Settings screen "Show backup of orders on the View Orders screen". From this list you can open a backup or copy with a new order reference. It will then appear in the In Progress list.
    • Backup orders have "-b" appended to the order reference.
    • A backup order is automatically deleted 14 days after it was last copied from the original.

  • Improved handling of cancelling the sending of queued orders.

  • The date on an order is always set to the current date when sending by email and when any price changes are made on the review screen.

  • The items numbers on a quote/invoice are now always the same as on the worksheet. Previously the items were in alphabetical order of the room names whereas the worksheet could be in the order the items were created or grouped by product, depending on your mobile settings.

Also see Once Mobile 2.1.3 if you are updating from an earlier release.

Downloading Once Mobile 2.2.0

Click here to download: Once Mobile for a Windows PC  (If a Windows protection dialog appears, click More info, then Run Anyway).

Click here to download: Once Mobile for an Apple Mac 

For the Tablet versions search for Once Mobile in the Apple App store or in the apps of Google Play.
Or use the following links: