Once Mobile Update Release 2.1.3

This version includes the following changes

  • Total prices are updated if changes are made and you don't then visit the Summary page.

  • When using Square Metre pricing, you can now set a fixed minimum price. For details see this article.

  • You can optionally have a "Max Area" column in the range tables. A warning will be raised if the area of a blind (width X drop) exceeds this value. Please contact support if you wish to use this feature.

  • The 'Supplier' field on the Survey page is now called 'Type/Fabric Supplier' to allow for other uses of this category.

  • Improved handling of narrow screens (under 500 pixels) allowing you to move the screen to access off-screen items.

  • On iPads you can now run Once in portrait or landscape and it supports multitasking where you can have Once and another app both visible on the screen. 

Downloading Once Mobile 2.1.3

Click here to download: Once Mobile for a Windows PC  (If a Windows protection dialog appears, click More info, then Run Anyway).

Click here to download: Once Mobile for an Apple Mac 

For the Tablet versions search for Once Mobile in the Apple App store or in the apps of Google Play.
Or use the following links: