1. We now recommend using Once Time rather than Google calendar
2. In early 2022 Once will be releasing an Order Tracking and Management system

This video show how you can use Gmail and Google Calendar to create a complete scheduling and order management system for use with Once.


  • An online calendar for creating and managing appointments
  • Staff and customers are notified of appointments and get a reminder before the visit,
  • Customer addresses are obtained online from just the postcode and house number so you know they are correct.
  • The address links to google maps for finding the visit location and best route (with current traffic information).
  • Once orders are stored online and can be searched by any content e.g. order number, customer name, postcode, or even the notes or fabrics.
  • Once orders can be categorised by status such as Confirmed, Quoted, Manufacturing, Ordered, Fitted etc.
  • Using Gmail labels and folders you can build a complete workflow system to progress the orders 

Please note:

  1.  We can't support these external systems as part of your Once subscription but we can offer advise and consulting services to set this up for your business.
  2. There is currently no automatic synchronisation between Once appointments and online calendars such as as Google Calendar. You currently must enter appointments in both systems.